Suikoden Day: at Santomonogatari 67

Hello again, readers!
As promised, I'm going to report about the Suikoden convention happening on the 14th of June 2015 and Suikoden Day's participation in it! Yay!

What's happening on the 14th of June, once again?

Let me remind you of Suikoden Day's post on the 11th of June:


So, there! That was quite self-explanatory, I guess!

Of course, I remember that! So how did it went?

It was a blast! Japanese Suikoden fans are so nice and enthusiastic and welcoming and creative! I seriously believe that we all need to stay in touch more with them

I went there with my friend who offered to help with the booth (she have only played Suikoden Tierkreis, but she really loved it). Santomonogatari 67 was opened since 10AM for the participating circle to prepare their booth before the common guests came in on 11AM. My friend and I arrived at the location around 10.10AM. Our books had already been delivered right under our table when we arrived, and so we setted the booth up with some things which I have prepared beforehand. We lined up the books on the front edge of the table, wrote the prices on rectangular-cut pieces of paper, and wrote "sample" in Japanese on heart-shaped-cut pieces of paper and put them above each pile of book. Let me show you a picture of it before explaining a bit more.
(My hair got so messy in this picture because I was busy jumping around *yes, literally* and hugging and being hugged by people because my Suikofriends congratulated me for my first circle participation)
On the right side of the table, you can see the display of our "circle" name and photos from Suikoden Day 2014 which I printed and pasted around my handwriting. It's pretty simple, but I think it gives a good explanation of what we are, haha. And in front of it, I put free-to-take name cards of Suikoden Day's and mine. In the center of the table, I put a folded piece of paper with "Please feel free to read the sample books ^^" and "←Free candies" written on it. Right where the arrow mark pointed to, I put some candies and chocolates to treat my customers. A little bit behind the center is actually my cat-shaped pouch which I use to keep my name cards, but I decided to display it as a decoration on my booth, hahaha.

suikoden day


I guess that's it for the booth details.

Before the event was opened for public, there are some stuffs that I received from the staffs. First one is the "Lucky Spin tickets" to hand out to customers along with their purchase. It's the small rectangular pieces of paper with Suikoden 4's ship picture on it as you can see on the photo above. For more about how the ticket works, you can read my Santomonogatari 65 event report just before this entry. The second thing I got from the staffs are some treats and a can of ocha. It is so nice how they put their thoughts on every little thing that they even did something cute about the can of ocha, haha.


The event, as always, lasted from 11AM until 03PM. I took rounds with my friend to standby our booth, because I love to go around the place and chatted with my Suikofriends, and of course, to buy other doujinshi hehe. I also got the Lucky Spin tickets with my purchases, so my friend and me did some Lucky Spin and had some luck with us this time! We got these cute prizes!

lucky spin
(We still got some "Medicines" with us, but oh well...)

We were also graced the visits of many wonderful people! My Suikofriends of course (from whom I usually bought Suikoden doujinshi), my followers on Twitter and pixiv, those who gave us kind words like "We are rooting for you!" and cheered on us (by "us", I mean Suikoden Day and Suikoden Revival Movement), new faces and new friends, and also some cosplayers who got attracted by our cosplay photobook. I don't know why I felt so proud at the last one; they're not even my photos, hahaha. But to be honest, my motivation for making the book was partly to be able to show off, too. (lol) And I was also granted the visit of Osamu Takiya, our fellow Star of Destiny in Suikoden Revival Movement who is a Japanese (might also be the only Japanese for now?). Takki-san was so kind and he also gave me and my friend Suikoden official merchandises as presents! Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to meet you again in other occasions in the future, Takki-san!



(Pictures are taken with permission from the staffs of the event)

And here, have some selfies of me and my friend at the booth


We also took pictures of the cosplayers! Almost all of the cosplayers are females, for either female or male characters. Actually one of me and my friend's favorite thing to do while watching over our booth is to have our eyes on the pretty, cute, and some handsome girls who did cosplays (lol). And also fangirling over Luc cosplayers for me haha.

(Arin's notes: I love all of them, especially the kind Luc cosplayer who hugged me when I answered shyly "Luc" at the question "Which character do you like?", but if you're looking for real handsome girls here, keep your eyes at Kyle and Ted cosplayers in the photos above)

And I also brought my sketchbook to ask for live drawings from my favorite artist who are also my beloved Suikofriends.


And also, because this is my last Santomonogatari before going back to Indonesia on August (), I took pictures with the staffs, my favorite artists and my favorite Suikofriends.
The event was closed with "Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament" () as usual. This time, there were like 10 pieces of illustrations as the prizes, lined up facing down on a table, and the winner of the rock-paper-scissor game was granted the right to choose one of them. This was repeated until all the prizes were taken and unfortunately neither me nor my friend got enough luck for any of those. Haha, it's alright though, I have got my favorite artists' drawings on my sketchbook anyway.

Aaand, that was it. My first and (probably) last circle participation in Santomonogatari :') I really had a blast. Thank you sooooo much to Suikoden Day, to Suikoden Day's cosplayers who have joined in this effort for us to be connected with the Japanese Suikofans, to everyone who have been supporting me and helping me in many forms, to Santomonogatari and to Konami for making this awesome game that has been keeping us connected to each other wonderful people.

Thank you for reading.
Let's keep the enthusiasm up and fight for Suikoden 6!
Please have a good day~

Santomonogatari (三都物語)

Good day to my good readers

This time I am going to write in English again. Please pardon me, my Japanese readersこのイベントレポートは海外幻水ファンのために書いていますので、英語で書かせて頂きます。海外の皆様は本当に日本の皆様の様子を知りたがっているんですので!

Firstly, you might realize that I just learned to use emoji in my blog, but please ignore that fact (lol)

OK, let's get down to business! I'm so eager to share my experience as a foreign Suikoden fan here in Japan to my fellow Suikoden fans from outside Japan! I'm going to talk especially about Santomonogatari 65 (三都物語65), an event which I managed to attend last Sunday (2/15)!

What is Santomonogatari 65?

Santomonogatari is an (unofficial) Suikoden doujin event, and 65 means that it's the 65th time they held the event. Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about its history or even the reason behind the name "Santomonogatari" (meaning "The Tale of Three Cities") because it was my first time attending the event myself. The official website doesn't explain anything other than plans of future events, either. One thing I can tell you is that they are still very active to this day, with a frequency of about 4-5 times holding an event in a year. The last event was on Feb 15 and the next one has already been arranged for April 5th. So, there is still a chance for me to research more about them next time! But at least, I will share the experiences which I have attained from the last event.

Suikoden Doujin Event? Can you be more specific?
Of course, even if I say "doujin event" or "something similar to Comic Market, only in smaller scale", maybe some of my readers will still be left in the dark. To say it simply, it is an event where some Suikoden fans gather to open booths and sell their doujinshi (fan-made Suikoden books/ fan-made Suikoden goods), and other Suikoden fans will come to buy doujinshi (that's me), to cosplay, or just to meet up with fellow Suikoden fans (that's also me) and chat or draw or whatever.

(All pictures are taken with permission from the staff of the event)

Yes, as you can see, it's a pretty small event, nothing to be compared to Comic Market. The scenery that you can see in the picture is the "booths' space", which took about half of the entire event's space. The other half is a "common space", which is free to be used to interact among guests. Below is the map of the event location.
In the map, there are stripes which define each booths' territories, but in reality, as you can see in the photos above, there's no border at all, and the whole space is something like one big meeting room. The booths' territories are categorized by their sales' main theme and named with the names of the places in Suikoden world. The boxes with numbers in the map are the booths, so for example, I bought a handkerchief with Ted and Tir's picture on it from booth "Gregminster 4", and one of my favorite pixiv artist which always draws manga of Richard had a booth at "Sol Falena 2". That's how you read the map. Simple and exciting, right?

The event itself was held for 4 hours, from 11 am to 3 pm (a normal span for most doujin events), but I only attended for about 1,5 hours (because there's another doujin event I wanted to attend, held in the exactly same time and day). The event took place at Tokyo Bungu Kyowa Kaikan (it's near Asakusabashi Station, which is just one station away from Akihabara Station). To participate as a regular visitor, you can get in without any ticket, but you are required to buy the pamphlet for 600 yen (around 6 USD).
In the pamphlet is the map of the event site, the lists of the participating circles and where their booths are, and a short funny comic about Suikoden characters attending the event and buy doujinshi and cosplay as other Suikoden characters.

Great! So what did you do there?

I arrived about 5 minutes before they opened the entrance and waited in line. (I was so excited and nervous!! I was standing between so many Japanese Suikoden fans and was going to meet the pixiv artists who I had adored so much for years in person!!) After buying the pamphlet, I entered the event location on the 4th floor of the building, and there I froze a moment due to the overwhelming nervousness and excitement.

(All pictures are taken with permission from the staff of the event)

I was so nervous and lost as to what to do first. After taking a deep breath, I started to look around from one booth to another. I was being too shy at first, but finally after the 5th booth and so, I managed some conversations with the booth owners, and introduced myself as a Suikoden fan from Indonesia, and their loyal follower in pixiv (and some Twitter). There were some artists who had been keeping in touch with me online, and I could finally meet them in real life! We chatted a lot and I told them how the Suikoden fans in Indonesia was doing. I also gave my precious Luc key chain which I bought from my friend Tadhi, in hope that she will remember me and that there are also many Suikoden fans outside Japan along with it. ...but to be honest, I kind of acted in impulse, because I just felt that I had to give something precious to a precious friend. I was also sure that she would definitely take a good care of Luc... Yes, she will!

I found a very wide range of doujinshi and goods sold there. Manga, novels, art books, postcards, bags, key chains, phone straps, handkerchiefs, T-shirts, dolls, stickers, and many others! They usually give you their name card along with your purchase, and some even gave me chocolates no matter if I bought their doujinshi or not! Because it's just a day away from Valentine! Some booths changed the currency of their sale's prices with "potch" instead of "yen".
(All pictures are taken with permission from the booth owners)

There are also some booths owners who decorate their booth with handmade dolls or dolls wearing handmade Suikoden costumes (not for sale) to attract people to come and see their booths.
(All pictures are taken with permission from the booth owners)

There's also a lucky spin, just like the one in Suikoden 4!

To play it, you need to purchase doujinshi. When you do, you will be given some "Lucky Spin Ticket".

There are many kinds of prizes! Of course, the cheapest ones were white balls that would come together with a "Medicine" (replaced with candies). And I just had the worst of luck, having so maaany tickets and only got one ball that was not white. Even the Lucky Spin's staff said, "Great... How can you attract so many white balls?"
Anyway, these were the prizes!
(All pictures are taken with permission from the staff of the event)

And lastly, I took some pictures of the cosplayers! But it really took a great courage from me to ask their permission to take their pictures. Even in Indonesia, with Indonesian cosplayers who speak in Bahasa Indonesia, I was sometimes too shy to call out to them. And we're talking about me, as a foreigner, asking cosplayers who don't speak my mother tongue... Oh, can you imagine my feelings back then? I was like "I have to take their pictures! B-b-b-but it's so scary... I-it should be alright! Cosplayers cosplay to have people take their pictures, right? B-b-b-b-but... M-maybe I should just hurry and go the the other doujin event I want to attend now... No, no, no! I will regret it if I just leave without taking their pictures! But..." (And it went for ages)
So, here are the pictures that I managed to take after calling a really big courage out of me.

The Lazlo and Kika who sold some beautiful stickers to me.

The Sarah who had great detail and accuracy for the hair decorations (which unfortunately is not shown in the picture).

The Luc and Sasarai cosplayers who were very popular and made me so nervous that my hands were shaking when I took their picture. I'm an idiot... I wanna cry now at how stupid I could be (T_T)

And...yeah, that's about how far my courage could take me. 3 pictures...orz
And besides, I had to hurry to Chiheisenjou no Aria (地平線上のアリア), the other doujin event that I wanted to attend. It's a doujin event for Sound Horizon (my favorite story-telling musical group) and what I did after that until the evening isn't related to Suikoden at all, so I'll skip this part. I'll just say that it's a pretty similar event, only with different fandoms.

And so, my outcome that day went way over the budget I planned beforehand. Way, way over. OTL
Here're the spoils of war which I brought home that day (excluding the ones I bought from the other event).

He're the prizes I obtained from the (Un)Lucky Spin.

All the Valentine chocolates and candies I got that day.

When I packed them like this, they looked so small...but actually these 3 bags costed me more than my pen tablet did. OTL
(This time the stuffs I bought from the other event are also included.)

I regret nothing, though! It was one of the most precious experiences I had here. I was able to see my favorite artists up close and talked to them, and I got many new friends, too! It also gave me motivation to be more productive in this spring break that had just started! Maybe...I will not attend the next Santomonogatari as a mere regular visitor, but as a participating circle? Maybe...

And that's all, my good readers! Thank you for reading!
If you have got any question, do not hesitate to leave a comment here or contact me personally!
See you!

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O Destiny (運命よ)

Hello to you who have made it here to this unpopular blog! :D Welcome and have a sit, I'd like to tell you some stuffs if you're okay with my long blabbering (laugh).

Oh and before we start, I'd like to apologize if by any chance you're a Japanese. 今回はいつものとは違って、日本語の練習はしてなく、英語を使っていただきます。説明は少し長くて難しいので、日本語で説明する自信はありません。だとしても、後で少しずつ翻訳してみようと思います。今回はどうもすみません。英語でよろしければ、最後まで読んで下さると本当に嬉しいです!

In this opportunity, I'd like to try to offer a full explaination of my own work, "O Destiny", my submission for Suikoden Day 2014's "Gareth's Fan Art Competition". I'm used to describe my interpretations for other artists' works but not my own. Well, I think artists don't usually explain their own work like this; if they want to be understood easily then they won't make a complicated work in the first place! (laugh) But I do enjoy explaining my ideas and I happen to have a lot of free time in my hand for the time being, so, why not? ^_^

Unmei yo

In the eyes of the True Wind Rune bearer, a normal history book appears animated as if it's moving into the future...

The idea was to put a whole universe in one illustration, although in the end I'm not sure if that's neatly accomplished or not (laugh). This work was done with a mix of traditional and digital tools, like drawing pen, coloring pencils, and Adobe Photoshop. In this illustration, I'm trying to reflect a universe from Luc's point of view. After doing some thinking, I concluded that one of the most important keyword for Luc's version of universe is "destiny" and that's exactly why we have a winged cogwheel and some other objects that speak in symbolic language (every one object in this illustration has its own meaning). The book shows pictures of some of Suikoden I's characters and places, and as Neclord moves into the world of Suikoden II, the characters and places too follows Bright flies to the world of Suikoden III and ends in the back figure of the future Luc and Sarah.

(The short description that I wrote to be officialy posted on Suikoden Day 2014's Facebook page)

*Technical explaination*
--The Beginning--
This work starts way back from early 2013. That time, I prepared 5 concepts of Suikoden fan art to prepare myself for Suikoden Day 2013. The 5 concepts include my last year's submission, "A Song Carried By The Wind" (風が運ぶ歌) and this year's "O Destiny" (運命よ). Although last year I resort to a simple potrait of Annalee and her surroundings in the North Window Castle and had some luck with it, this year I'm back to multi-layered, conceptual illustration like 2 years ago's "The Sun And The Moon" although "O Destiny" is way more complicated. To be honest, this is the most thorough and time-taking illustration I've ever made in these 20 years I've lived for (laugh).

Around late June this year, I chose from one of the remaining 4 not-yet-realized concepts and continued what I'd started last year. What's already finished by that time was only half of the ground image (Luc and Sarah facing a still-empty book, Leknaat, curtain, cogwheels, wing, and chain of pearls), while the image trip from Suikoden I to Suikoden III was still a very vague concept. So the first thing I had to do was to turn the vague concept into a sketch. This process was not easy, especially right after a long and hard term of study which wouldn't allow me to touch my sketchbook at all for a whole semester. After sketching and erasing and sketching for 2-3 days, I finally had a more fixed rough sketch for the "image trip". (I want to show you how the rough sketch looks like but unfortunately because it's very rough and sketchy, it looks very blurred even though I tried to scan it.)

Although I let the Suikoden I's part of "image trip" to be done in the same paper as the ground image because they're still on the book that Luc and Sarah is supposedly reading, I decided to draw the rest of components which are out of the book in detail seperatedly because it hurt my eyes to draw small pictures (@_@) Besides, it allowed me to put more detail into my work. That's how I planned to draw the places and runes as the background in the same paper as the ground image while the characters and monsters in seperated papers, and as for the finishing I'd need digital means to mix them all into one illustration.

So from here on out, it will be divided into two main steps, which are the traditional (analog) step and the digital step.

--The Traditional Step--
Involves a very long road, from sketching, inking, until coloring. The most time-taking of all, might not be what you think, was the sketching. I had to gather enough references on how the original design actually looks like to prevent trailing off too far, and that's not really an easy task to do since I lacked of original merchandises. (Oh, how I wish I have Suikoden's official art books and encyclopedia...!) In the end, because I was such an idealist and kept insisting to draw according to the sketch I had prepared beforehand despite of the lack of references, I had to made up some details by myself, such as the pattern on Ruby's skin, Caleria's bird-point-of-view look, and Viktor's scabbard (I don't even know if he actually has one or not; his sword is always unseathed in any official illustration that I found on Google!). Beside the reference gathering which took a lot of my time, giving a real form to the imagination in my head itself required a great deal of effort from me and I ended up spending more than two weeks to finish it, almost without having any personal life. But it felt good to finally draw again after such a long time! Maybe I was taking revenge for the last semester (laugh).

The inking was done by tracing my pencil sketch on a different paper with a drawing pen and a lamp under a glass table (it's not really a tracing table, my parents just happen to have a glass table at home and I put a lamp under it whenever I want to do inking ^_^). This process took only one of a third the time for sketching. And finally the coloring, I did it with my loyal coloring pencil set which had help me with all my works in the last 5 years (laugh). I didn't get much trouble in this process aside from some realization that I forgot to draw some details (such as Dupa's tail, lol).
dupas tailinking.jpg

--The Digital Step--
It only takes 2-3 days to combine all the seperated components and build it into a complete illustration with Adobe Photoshop CS3. The composition is precisely according to the sketch. I also applied some color adjustments and special effects. Oh and the lacey pattern above Luc and Sarah's heads was not my own drawing. I planned to draw the pattern by myself, too, but I feared that I wouldn't make it in time so I had my friend help me find some free patterns from the Internet. I want to credit the free pattern provider, too, but it really is a shame that my friend didn't remember which website she took it from :(

And so "O Destiny" had took approximately almost 2 months out of my life (laugh).

--The Most Enjoyable and The Most Difficult Part--
The most enjoyable part in this whole process is when I draw.........guess which character? The answer is... Augustine of Suikoden III!!! (lol) Drawing someone so dramatic and sparkling like him felt new to me. I just knew then that something like this was within my ability (lol). And just after that, I realized something wrong....
Zoom out...
augustine +
Zoom out...
augustine + mukumuku
*rolling on floor laughing*
And I just had to put the heart mark to go with the atmosphere (laugh).
augustine love mukumuku

As for the most difficult part, I think it's drawing Ruby. I'd never even been interested in drawing an insect beside butterflies before, so, unlike dragons and horses, I'm not used to this. Even with butterflies, I was never good at drawing their wings. Also, no matter how hard I look for the mantors' back view in Suikoden III's manga, I couldn't find one. So, again, I have to picture it myself here. It was a hardship, but I don't regret how it turned out :) Beside Ruby, Jeane was quite a challenge, too. I always have trouble maintaining the proportion when drawing sexy women (laugh), like when I drew Arshtat 2 years ago.
ruby jeane

*In-depth explaination*

Caution: I'm sorry but this might be confusing to those who are not used to art or literature analyzes. I'm trying my best to elaborate this properly.

As already mentioned above, the original idea is to put a whole universe into an illustration. So, the question is, whose version of universe it'd be? I'm not the writer of the series so I can only express the Suikoden universe that I'm experiencing through my own consciousness. To borrow literature's words, with myself as the grand narrator, I chose Luc, my most favorite character since I was little, as my second narrator. That means I dive into Luc's "consciousness" (as conscious as a fictional character can be ^_^) and disguise my voice with Luc's voice to tell all the viewer about the universe we're supposedly experiencing. As we all know, Luc is involved in the Suikoden I, II, and III's story and that he receives visions from True Wind Rune about the past and the future. This is also one strong reason why he fits to be my second narrator to accomplish my ideal for this illustration.

Then, after deciding "destiny" as the main keyword, I proceed with the concepting and sketching. That's how "O Destiny" turned out how it looks like now, with all the look-like-random all kind of things. But actually, nothing is random at all. Like you might or might not have realized already, every object represents an intented message, which all in the end rounds up into the title "O Destiny". I'll try to elaborate them for you here.

The main character and the second narrator in "O Destiny". Almost everything is seen from his point of view. The setting shows that young Luc and Sarah are in their pajamas reading a book on Gate Rune War before bed. You'll learn more about him from the following explainations.

"If this is a universe from Luc's point of view, then why Sarah is there beside him?" Obviously, because her existance in this illustration is essential for a couple of reasons.

Beside the things that Luc experience consciously, there are obviously things that Luc experience unconciously in this illustration. That's because Luc, despite being my second narrator, is the part of the universe itself and his narration has its limitations. We can tell that the narrator is Luc, but actually there are 3 main characters, right? (If you can't figure it out, that's completely my incompetence as an illustrator, so don't worry. >_<) I'm saying that these 3 characters are not told from Luc's point of view, but directly narrated by me. Then that means the Sarah who's reading the book beside Luc is outside of Luc's consciousness. She plays the role of someone whose existance is always nearby but even so doesn't seem to be noticed. Also, Sarah is there quietly reading the book to point out that it's just a normal book to normal people.

Then, there's also this prefigurization stuff. I'm talking about Luc and Sarah's future selves. If you look close enough, the future selves have the same head positions as the present selves; Luc is looking up and Sarah is looking down. The present is indicating what will happen in the future, that's what prefigurization is all about. If it were Luc alone, it'd be too hard to tell that there's a prefigurization. ...What? It's still too hard even with Sarah there? Well, I did mention that I made something like this not to be easily understood (laugh). I'm sorry.
luc sarah

Oh, just to make myself clear, I'm not a fan of LucXSarah pairing. In fact, it's quite the contrary (laugh).

--The "Image Trip"--
The image trip starts from Tir (Suikoden I's protagonist) on the edge of the book and continues on until the future Luc in Suikoden III. Suikoden I and Suikoden II is bridged by Neclord while between Suikoden II and Suikoden III there are Nash and Julie Latkje from Suikogaiden, "universal" characters like Viki and Jeane, and Bright, who appears in the two Suikoden. I include the main characters (obviously), tacticians, main antagonists, main True Runes, and headquarters from each Suikoden. The rest is either characters that holds important roles or representatives of their kinds.

To try to make a whole universe means I have to include as much as every little thing which form the whole universe. You can see my effort if you look closely and find that I'm not only drawing characters and places, but also Pilika's teddy bear, Holly Boy, DoReMi Elf, and so on. I also try to include all races and kinds of characters, from Elves, Kobolds, Wingers, to Narcissists (laugh).

Trivia: Why don't you find how Yuber and Pesmerga are doing? ^_^

--Flock of Blue Butterflies--
There are many ways to interpret the appearance of butterflies, but I'm referring to its well-known meaning according to many myths in several cultures in the world, which is "soul". Souls that underwent many transformations in life, just like how people are, especially in times of war. Following after the time trip, they fly into the yet-to-be-seen future (that's why the color becomes darker on the edge, by no means it's saying that the future is dark). There are also some cultures that believe in a blue butterfly as a symbol of the power to choose one's way of life or one's destiny. So, flock of butterflies choose where the world's heading to. Or in other words, "La Passione Commuove La Storia". The reason why I chose to draw it in representation is because it's in Luc's subconciousness. Luc believes that fate / True Runes determine the way of life for people, but instead he himself want to believe its contrary. And by his actions to rebel against fate itself in the end shows how he finally has lived in what he wanted to believe. Or that's what I think, at least. That's why you can see flock of butterflies instead of humans (laugh).

--Cogwheels and Wing--
winged cogwheel
I think everybody knows already what they are ^_^ That's right, cogwheels of destiny and wing of freedom. I'm not sure in which culture cogwheels represent destiny originally, but I think most people in the world agree that wing is the symbol of freedom. But a "winged cogwheel", you won't find it in any myth ^_^ That's purely my idea. Actually you can interpret a "winged cogwheel" in two ways depending on your preference, either it's a false freedom designed by destiny, or a freedom that can affect which way the destiny will turn next. Either way, this is the only wing that Luc has, so he spread it out with all his might until the cogwheels stop revolving for him.

--Chain of Pearls and Linked Curves--
chain of pearls and linked curves
"Can one's free will alone actually make change to the flow of history?" That's the doubt Luc must have faced when his wing of freedom came in contact with reality. The linked curves shows how Luc's actions are inseperable with everyone else's actions. Thus, the result might not always be what he wished for, no matter how hard he spread his wings. In the process of accepting how small he is in the vast universe, his innocence (represented by chain of pearls) might be at stake. Maybe that's why the falling pearls look like droplets of tears?

--Candle, Darkness, and Circular Pattern--
candle.jpgdarkness and pattern
These guys represent "limited visibility" for humans (or a clone, in this case). Luc only had a small consciousness (represented by the candle) with an addition of True Wind Rune's visions to comprehend the vast universe, it can't be helped that there are so many untold stories left in the dark. Only vague shapes overlapping each other in a mess if you try to look at it from afar (the circular pattern). However, the fact that they look pretty (what with the lacey pattern), maybe it is true that "ignorance is bliss" after all...

--Red Curtains--
red curtains
Hiding and revealing, those are the meanings that's contained in "red curtains". This is still connected to the topic of "limited visibility". Especially when it comes to the work of destiny. That's why only small part of the cogwheels are peeking from behind the curtain, while most of the parts are invisible to people. Meanwhile, the stories which are revealed are recorded within history. Now if you look closer, the curtain is actually drew open by the flock of butterflies. This is saying that people's curiosity is the one that can lead people to understanding. Although this can also mean that the one that history has recorded is only what people are interested about.

--Leknaat and True Runes--
leknaat true runes
Leknaat, just like some True Runes that appears in this illustration, is shown inside a bubble-like circle. This shows how Luc view them as something that are "different", somehow ungraspable, which don't interact with the other components of the universe normally, and as something that hold higher power than himself. Leknaat, too, because she knows the answer to one of Luc's most important question which she wouldn't tell him (reference: Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate manga, volume 11).

But the only reason why someone as ungraspable as her to Luc has a serene smile on her face is because she is directly narrated by the grand narrator. Right, she is the third main character. Her serene smile is unknown to Luc. The smiling Leknaat is not viewed from Luc's point of view, because Leknaat only quietly watches over and loves everything. She and Sarah, both play the role of people who love and support Luc without being understood nor noticed, in their own places.

--108 Objects--
Yes, just like how I mentioned it in the short description, if you sum up all the characters + places + objects, you'll get a precise 108! Why, obviously because "108" represents the wholeness of the universe (and not only in Suikoden, please refer to numerology and other myths, too!)! If I want to put a whole universe inside, then I have to put "108" somewhere! And somehow, I even finished this illustration on the 10th of August! 10/8! What a beautiful coincidence! ^_^

--"O Destiny"--
This title is exactly where I borrow Luc's voice. The first sentence rang in my mind when I see Luc's overwhelmed face is "運命よ (O Destiny)." "運命よ (reads "Unmei yo")" is the way to address destiny which usually is heard from someone who is lamenting when a dissaster befalls him. If I have Luc continues it, maybe it will sound like, "O Destiny, to where are you carrying us? Us, these powerless and ignorant children of men?"

--My Personal Disappointments--
I never regret how this almost 2 months of hardwork turned out, but still I have some disappointments, some ideals that are not accomplished in this work. Originally, I wanted to put in more True Runes and characters, such as True Earth Rune, Blue Moon Rune, Sovereign Rune, Georg, Budehuc Castle's residents, and Aila. But it's already crowded enough as it is now, so there's no helping it. Also, I can't help but realize that I'm not a good enough designer when I can't figure out what to do about the background. I think it's too boring being a plain white like that, but whatever I tried to add would only ruin the balance of the composition. In the end, I didn't add anything T_T It's also a shame that I didn't manage to draw the circular pattern by myself. And, although I've been doing this for years, my hands are still shaking when I trace long lines like the curtains. That's why you can see that the curtains' outlines are a little weird. Oh, well.

But my biggest disappointment is that I made and uploaded all of it in CMYK mode and caused trouble for most people who viewed it from certain devices :'( I'm so sorry...! OTL

Alright, that's all I have to say about "O Destiny"! Thank you for reading this far, I really am! Especially if you're a Japanese, I'm so grateful that you would bare with an English explaination this long! 心から感謝します! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment here or on pixiv! Let's meet again on next Suikoden Day! Have a nice day~ ;D

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【Suikoden Revival Movement】 の紹介

幻想水滸伝(コナミ)の復活を求める運動 【Suikoden Revival Movement】を絵で紹介してみていただきます!

※Rune of Revival と Official Playstation Magazine UK のスクリーンショットの使用の許可を頂きました。

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Suikoden Day 2013

今年の7月11日はSuikoden Day(水滸伝の日)だった。そのイベントはSuikoden Revival Movement(幻想水滸伝復活運動)がおこなって、世界中の皆さんが参加する事が出来た。初めておこなったのは二年前で、あれから毎年一回行っているようになった。私にとって、去年のSDは私の初めてだった。去年は幻水IIのリリースデートに当てるようにして行ったが、今年は幻水IIIのリリースデートにだった。

SDはフェースブックで行っている。フェースブックアカウントを持っていれば、あなたも参加出来る。SDで色々なコンペがあった。ファンアートとか、ファンフィクションとか… コンペに参加すれば、あなたの作品はアドミンさんにメールで送って置かなければならない。そして、SDの当日にアドミンさんが皆さんの作品はフェースブックのグループでポストしてあって、他の幻水ファンの皆さんが一緒に楽しみになる。コンペだけじゃなくて、世界中の幻水のファンの皆さんに会ったり、皆さんに幻水の話をしゃべったり、見つかった幻水のイラストを見せたりする事が出来る。後で皆さんの作品は全部日本とヨーロッパとアメリカのコナミに送ってある。その理由は、私達はまだ幻水シリーズが大好きで、続きを諦めずに待っているって気持ちを伝えとくためなんだ。勝者は幻水の商品のリワードをもらえる。私はそのリワードがぜひ欲しかったから、去年も今年もファンアートに頑張っていた。去年は残念だったけど、今年は二番になってきた!すーっごく嬉しいんだ!(*≧▽≦*) それに皆さんに出会えて良かった。SDは本当に楽しかった。




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当面、このブロッグは「Suikoden Revival Movement」の活動や個人的な経験とたぶん憂鬱を分け合いに使うつもりです。日本幻水ファンの皆様に語る時は日本語、一般の幻水ファンに語る時は英語で書かせて頂きます。実は、このブロッグを作った理由はSRMを(特に、幻想水滸伝シリーズが大好きな日本人の皆さんに)広告するためです。私は大切な管理者などわけではありません。只友達を手伝いたくて、普通な幻水のファンだけなんです。本当に幻水を復活させてもらいたいんです(*≧▽≦*)もし時間があったら、この下のページを見て頂けませんかな?


Welcome to my blog!

For the time being, I'm planning to use this blog to share Suikoden Revival Movement's activities, my personal experiences and maybe melancholies. I'll be writing in Japanese when I want to share information with Japanese Suikoden fans and English when I want to share information with Suikoden fans in general. Actually, helping to advertise SRM (to the Japanese Suikoden fans, especially) was my motivation for creating this blog. I'm not some important admin or anything, though. I'm just your regular Suikoden fans trying to help out my friends. I really want to have our beloved Suikoden series revived :) If you have the time, please check these pages:

Thank you for reading my profile! Have a nice day! :D

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